Whether filling in a pot hole, removing an alligatored area or patching a utility trench, we can assist with all your repair needs. Skin patching is a method where we place new asphalt on top of the existing asphalt (after we have prepped area with a tack coat) and then feather/blend the edges. This is most common in recessed/depressed areas where the base is still structurally sound. The surface will sit slightly higher where patches are performed as the material goes on top of existing asphalt. With the method “removing and replacing,” we will saw cut the perimeter of the deteriorated area and then remove the damaged asphalt before we place back new (hot applied) asphalt in its place. The depths can vary in this scope, but we always remove the full depth of asphalt and prep the base prior to any new asphalt being applied. This will be a more long term solution for deteriorated areas and will allow for the new asphalt to sit flush with the bordering asphalt.